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  • Phenomenally Tianna

      On the Avenue, I believe in showcasing phenomenal women. I believe in sharing stories in hopes that they may help others. I believe in inspiring others through a community… [Continue Reading]

    Phenomenally Tianna
  • How To Create a Mood Board

    KEYWORD IT – Gather up 3 to 5 keywords or adjectives that sum up what your brand image should feel like, visually. What should people feel when they look at it? Is… [Continue Reading]

    How To Create a Mood Board
  • Why Hire a Professional?

    Hey, guys! I’ve been away actually working in my business, and not on my business. BUT – I’m back! And I’d love to talk about something I hear so often. many… [Continue Reading]

    Why Hire a Professional?
  • What is a Mood Board?

    What is brand styling all about? It’s the visual personality in your brand or your project. If done properly, it will capture the message, vibe, and philosophy you want to communicate… [Continue Reading]

    What is a Mood Board?
  • The Psychology of Color in Branding

    Hi there, guys! Ever wonder how to choose which colors you want to incorporate for your personal brand? Each color is tied with an emotional + psychological response, so it is crucial to… [Continue Reading]

    The Psychology of Color in Branding

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