The Psychology of Color in Branding

Hi there, guys! Ever wonder how to choose which colors you want to incorporate for your personal brand? Each color is tied with an emotional + psychological response, so it is crucial to understand the meaning behind each color before you commit it to your brand. For instance, you might want to avoid the color blue for your restaurant, as it is known to be tranquil + peaceful, rather than stimulating your appetite. Take a look at the colors below to discover which ones align with your brand vision.


bold + powerful + sophisticated + dramatic + formal + classic + elegant

Black is the color or authority; representing power & elegance. Evokes a timeless & bold appeal, often used in fashion, editorial and luxury brands.


techie + sleek + modern + futuristic + neutral + calm + conservative + open

Gray often seen in modern technology companies, conservative corporate settings; perceived as calming, sleek & neutral.


feminine + soft + gentile + sweet + playful + compassionate + healthy + beauty

Pink is known for its friendly & lighthearted appeal; feminine, soft & delicate. Bright and vibrant tones evoke a bold & modern appeal.


love + passionate + dangerous + dramatic + dynamic + powerful + strong

Red is best used with brands that evoke passion & drama. Dynamic and powerful, known to stimulate appetite & draw attention. Be sure to use minimally, as it can be overpowering.


warm + playful + cheerful + friendly + energetic + happy + positive + confident

The color orange shows high energy; while not overpowering. Inviting, fun and playful, orange evokes energy & vibrancy – while also maintaining a friendly appeal.


sunny + lighthearted + joyful + energetic + cheerful + warm + positive + bright

Energetic & bright; yellow represents warmth, positivity + cheer. Evokes happiness + excitement. Great for restaurants (stimulates appetite) and used for all ages.


spiritual + abundance + luxurious + royal + wealthy + vibrant + majestic

Evokes serenity + artistry; creativity, royalty & spirituality. Darker tones are best used for luxury brands, while lighter tones are more feminine.


reliable + harmonious + trustworthy + loyal + peaceful + tranquil + calming

Dependable, loyal + calm; great used on financial institutions, social networks, corporate industries & soothing/beauty spas.


positive + environmental + calming + earthy + organic + fresh

Naturally alludes to positivity; easily represents “go”. Evokes freshness, balance and Eco-friendly brands. Also represents wealth + growth.


natural + reliable + approachable + wholesome + warm + balanced + organic

Quickly associated with all things organic; seen as stable, reliable & approachable. Comforting, warm + often used as a substitute for black.