Why Hire a Professional?

Hey, guys! I’ve been away actually working in my business, and not on my business. BUT – I’m back! And I’d love to talk about something I hear so often. many business owners feel they don’t need to hire a designer because they feel it is too expensive, or they feel they can just find a free font via the Internet and create their ‘logo’.


Listen – I am the first one in line to want to save a buck. In fact, I’m that girl who won’t spend more than $25 on a pair of jeans. So – I get it! Starting a business can definitely be costly, especially if you have yet to build up your clientele. However, investing in a professional logo/brand is definitely a smart investment. Hiring a designer to create your brand will not cost too much in the grand scheme of things & the best part is – it will benefit your business in such a large way in the long run.

The Difference Between a Professional Logo & A Logo You Made Yourself

– What It Looks Like –

Let’s be real here – you can AWAYS tell when someone has made their own logo. You can just look at it, and it has that “unprofessional” look. It is super important on how you choose to present your business to the world. It will surely have a huge impact on your level of success. An untidy brand or logo will put off potential clients before they even visit your website.

 – A Level of Experience –

A beginner designer hasn’t designed much of anything before and therefore lacks experience and the necessary knowledge and an eye for branding. Because of that, they sometimes don’t recognize their creation isn’t great. Boy oh boy…. While writing this post, I’ve looked back and some of my very first logo designs and wonder what the heck I was thinking! They were awful! But, at the time – you couldn’t tell me they weren’t great. Great design takes time. A designer who has had years of experience will be able to perfectly articulate what you want your brand to convey through your logo and specific style.

– Practicality –

Anyone who has attempted to create their own logo most likely made it in an online design program or perhaps even one of those design programs you can buy at Walmart for about twenty bucks. *CRINGE* Or perhaps, they took it up a notch and designed it in Photoshop! Many think Photoshop is the place to design, but it isn’t. Designers use Illustrator to create logos because the program allows vector designs, while Photoshop does not. By the way, a vector allows a logo or any design to scale to any size without any pixelation, or losing any quality.